Meet our team

People from Latvia and USA

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Meet our team

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Andrejs Bundzs
Found & CEO
Strong background in web development, iOS development, and UI/UX design. He founded Thinkitive lab in 2018.
Gints Osis
Background in game development, mobile development, and team leadership.
Rihards Breicis
Bussiness Developer Exec
Defines, articulates and implements the organisation's strategy for selling products or services.
Oskars Vilitis
Experienced system architect who has worked on large-scale IT projects for top companies across various industries.
Edijs Bogomolovs
Head of Design
Working with professionals from small startups to large enterprises has taught me that the role of a designer is to guide.
Michael Cuppi
Head of Engineering
Responsible for leading and overseeing the engineering department, ensuring that projects are completed on time.
Engineering manager
Bridging the gap between the technical and non-technical aspects of engineering projects.

Job Positions

Not colleagues, but family.
Everyone is equal

When we gather to brainstorm ideas, we foster an inclusive environment where everyone's input is valued, irrespective of their job title, gender, or status.


We prioritize the growth of our team members' knowledge and skills by investing in a wide range of opportunities such as courses, conferences, and other valuable learning materials.

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