2022- Ongoing


Project overview

Trusted identity verification for compliance with KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti money laundering) For our cooperation with Thinkitive lab was asked to implement a web based identity verification service using OIDC, webauthn, SAML, OTP and face match along with a mobile framework providing PKI (Public key infrastructure) as a Service.

We implemented a customer facing API and a web based demo app demonstrating the identity registration and verification for all supported approaches.For PKI we implemented a mobile framework along with another customer facing API which in tandem can be used to generate, validate signatures using our verified indentity.

Project duration
2022 - Ongoing
Team size
Data Dog

App functionality

API for integrating identity provisioning and verification using OIDC, SAML webauthn and face matching
Mobile framework to integrate our PKI with transaction signing into consumer apps
Example demo app with API for consumers to test our PKI with transaction signing
Example demo web page for consumers to familiarise themselves with OIDC, SAML and webauthn


With requirements from VIDA we had to quickly jump into an existing company with its own line of products and development pipelines. We had to go out of of our comfort zone and master a set of new previously unused tools for our team.

After a rocky start we managed to include our setups in the company pipelines and continuously deliver on an aggressive set of short milestones.We developed identity federation API with a web based demo that we keep maintaining as we receive client feedback. Along with the API we delivered mobile SDKs for PKI and managed communication with large clients about the specifics of PKI, like mobile key storage security and API security
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