2018- Ongoing

Silent phone

Project overview

Back in the time when mobile messaging apps stored messages in plain text and calls could be eavesdropped we were approached by a revolutionary American based startup who believed that messaging and VOIP calling should be secure, and that such security should be publicly provable not just declarable.

During our cooperation we have delivered and maintained a secure VOIP calling and messaging mobile app integrating a Latvian made VOIP engine.With Silent phone we had the unique chance to collaborate with the inventor of ZRTP Phil Zimmerman and pioneer the Diffie-Hellman algorithm with SAS verification

Project duration
2018 - Ongoing
Team size

App functionality

An internal tool for managing regions for tourism, grouping them while displaying on landing pages
Tracking an API using a region identifier that focuses on attracting leads
Demonstrating benefits from a particular booking and displaying the sum of all monetary gains on booking websites
A service that adapts the information to the appropriate format by collecting data and transforming it correctly
A marketing tool designed to manage TUI email campaigns for importing a JSON data file, using the tool to create or edit existing campaigns, and then export their updated version
A service that adapts the information to the appropriate format by collecting data and transforming it correctly


By analysing the product we understood that we have to create a UI that is friendly for the users, since the security/encryption part might be very fustraiting for the average person. Our proposed UI is following general Apple and other messeging UI guidelines in order to make usability similar to other messaging/calling apps, but with security elements in mind.

Helping to take the Silent phone app to customers we made a clean mobile UI, integrated and maintained the Tivi VOIP engine along with our own forks of zrtp, and message encryption libraries.


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