Project overview

Thinkitive Lab was approached by a local baltic located startup willing to break into the on demand cleaning services business with an environmentally friendly way to order a car cleaning anywhere.

During the time of our cooperation a native mobile app was delivered along with a vast web based admin panel where clients, washers, admins and promoters could perform various actions for the service.


13 Months





App functionality

Users can select what kind of cleaning service they want (car wash, window cleaning, rim cleaning, parfume type, vax)
Users can write reviews about the washing service, rate the service, leave a tip.
Add cars with images and number plates so it is easier for a washer to find the car.
See live washing status updates (washer approaching, started to wash the car, cleaning rims)
See what washers are around your location.
After each wash, an invoice is sent to users provided e-mail.
Washers have a seperate App UI and role.
Washers can see their earnings and statistics.
Washers can put extra cost for washing service if the car is too dirty.
Washers need to register online and complete a test, before their account is activated on the app


After we received requirements for Washerly we decided to go with native mobile development to have the best possible user experience and animation quality. We used Lottie to overcome the limitations of native animation complexity to deliver a stunning intractable transitions and feedback for every detrimental user action performed from the app.

For admin panel we implemented a responsive multi functional webpage for every participant in our project from washers being able to withdraw their money and adjust their inventory to promoter to manage his referral code.


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