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Andrejs Bundzs
Strong background in web development, iOS development, and UI/UX design. He founded Thinkitive lab in 2018, where he manages both small and large-scale projects based on his ten years of experience in mobile development, web development and design.
Gints Osis
Background in game development, mobile development, and team leadership. He created a secure messaging and VOIP app with advanced features and joined Thinkitive lab in 2018 to lead engineering teams based on their extensive experience.
Sam Sayadzad
Lead Developer
Keen interest in collaborating with individuals to resolve issues in the mobile domain, encompassing Android, iOS, and Flutter.
Oskars Vilitis
Experienced system architect who has worked on large-scale IT projects for top companies across various industries. Specializing in Java, J2EE, and web-based development, with experience in managing own IT company. Oskars excels in team management.
Rihards Breicis
Business development executive
Defines, articulates and implements the organisation's strategy for selling products or services. Rihards develops forecasts and strategies to achieve sales at price levels to ensure Thinkitive Lab profitability.
Edijs Bogomolovs
Head of Design
Working with professionals from small startups to large enterprises has taught me that the role of a designer is to guide. Good design helps users find what they’re looking for, navigate the interwebs, and discover that which they didn’t even know they wanted.

Andrejs Bundzs


Started as a web developer in 2011 creating websites for different industries, then continuing in 2013 as a iOS developer with focus on e-commerce and location based application development.

In 2015  focus changed to UI/UX design with scoring a job position in USA based company that makes secure messaging and VOIP application for enterprise users. After 7 years of development and design experiance Andrejs Founded Thinkitive lab in 2018 and started to develop and manage small and large scale projects.

Gints Osis


Started off as a game developer on Unity in 2012 where he found a passion for mobile development, team leading, and complex architecture management. Native iOS app development took over his daily tasks starting in 2014.

Passion for complexity led to a company that developed a secure messaging and VOIP app including things like SAS Verification, serverless group chat, and encrypted VOIP calls.
 After watching many projects fail or succeed, the amount of experience was deemed enough in 2018 to take on leading the engineering teams at Thinkitive lab.
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Thinkitive lab provides full software development cycle, we  help companies grow their businesses by designing and developing stunning, tailored websites and apps that attract new clientele and support their business goals.
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